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to Asagiri Sanso
Hibari !

5 minutes by car from Asagiri  Sanso

Asagiri is the word for “morning mist” in Japanese. As this name suggests, you will enjoy magnificent morning mist flowing in the surrounds of Asagiri Sanso Hibari in the morning during winter times and after rainy days.                


Restaurant Hibari  offers culinary delight in an slesgant yet casual setting. Opened in January 2022, we pride our seasonal local ingredients, with different variety of dishes available depending on the season. Our signature dish is our fresh river fish sashimi, with ayu (sweetfish) in the summer months and yamame trout between November and May. Vegan options available and should you have any food allergies and/ or other dietary requirements, feel free to let us know at the time of reservation. Kids' meal available.

We offer cose meals only(not a la carte) and prior bookig is essential. There are five semi-private rooms that can accommodate  four guests each. A group booking is also available up to 20 guests.
Open     ❖ Lunch  11:30〜 from¥3000 (approximately 7 dishes)    ❖ Dinner  18:00〜  from ¥5000 (approximately 9 dishes)
The restaurant is closed Tuesdays  and Wednesday.
Hotel Hibari, located on the same premises.
Hotel Hibari is a unique and charming accommodation that opened in July 2010. The inn is constructed from a structure of 120 year old Japanese cedar tree and other natural materials such as diatomite and has received the 16th Annual Wooden Structuer Award from Kumamoto Prefecture. A 24-hour ventilation that utilizes ecological geothermal heat keeps the establishment warm in winter and cool in summer. We guarantee ultimate comfort in this sustainable hotel that is friendly for both the environment and people.
​“Agyan and Kogayn” rooms.
Hotel Asagiri offers a variety of four rooms. Three rooms are respectively named after Kumamoto's local dialect; “Agyan (Like that)”, ”Kogyan(Like That)" and ”Sogyan(As Such)“ Agyan and Kogyan are 100㎡ Japanese-style villas that can accommodate up to 6 guests  each. Each features an approx. 10㎡ tatami room,a bedroom,a kitchen, a living room, a large wooden deck and a contemporary bathroom 
Sogyan“is Japanese-style room( 17㎡ ) that can accommdodate up to 2 guest,lt is also equipped with a 13㎡ wooden deck  
Shinkan Hibari“is Japanese-style room( approx,17㎡ ) that can accommdodate up to 3 people,lt is  equipped with a small wooden deck(3㎡).  
Please check-in at the front desk, which is located on the opposite side of the hotel entrance. Guests can check-in between 3pm and 7pm. We kindly ask you to check-out at 10am. Optional breakfast  available, which starts at 8am.
Sensational hot spring baths (indoor and outdoor) are available in the main building. The bathroom is unquely installed with atmospheric tatami mats and the water in the baths is artificial hot spring (water is passed through medicinal stones called porphyry stones and contains large amounts of dissolved minerals). This hot spring is effective for skin conditions, stiff shoulders,poor circulation, neuralgia, rheumatism and others.
Komyoyu Spa is artificial hot spring that contains mineral componets from natural ore. It is effective for relieving to cold, rheumatism, and stiff shoulders.  
Asagiri is located in Kumamoto Prefecture, adjacent to Miyazaki and kagoshima Prefectures. Until 2020, Asagiri could be accessed from the railway station in the neighbouring Hitoyoshi Town. However, Hitoyoshi Station was destroyed in July 202o by heavy rains that caused the worst flooding after WWI and the station is yet to be rebuilt.
Today, we offre a pick-up service from Hitoyoshi Interchange on Kyushu Expressway.
To reach Hitoyoshi Interchange:
◆From Fukuoka- Take a JR train to Shinyatsushiro station then the highway bus to Hitoyoshi Interchange.
◆If flying to Kyushu- We recommend  flying to Kagoshima airport, then taking the highway bus to Hitoyoshi Interchange.

We have Japanese-speaking staff only, so we kindly ask you make reservation in English via Email/message correspondence. We unfortunately cannot accept phone calls in English. 

Once you arrive at the hotel, we invite our international guests to communicate with us using ”Point and Communicate Sheet“ and translation machine. We much appreciate your kind understanding.
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